Did you know that you could order a high resolution CD of all your event images from your event with any Foto Cabina package? It’s a customer favorite being able to see all the fun faces of your guests and, in one case, some new romantic surprises! Now, once you receive your high-resolution photo CD, what do you do with all of your amazing booth photos?Here are 4 creative ideas to take the photos and turn them into great event takeaways, gifts or family mementos:

  1. Guest Book – This one is a bit of a cheat since it’s a creative perk at the event itself, but it made its valid appearance on our creative list nonetheless. When you reserve your Foto Cabina Premium Photo Booth, make sure to ask for our signature guest book. This elegant leather album is placed next to your booth where your guests can place their photos and write a personal message next to each snapshot. We recommend ordering the double prints addition so your guests can keep one copy as an event keepsake and leave another copy for you with their yearbook-like note. In true service fashion, we’ll bring all supplies needed for the Guest Book Station but feel free to bring your own fun scrapbook additions for extra customization! Ask for more details when you call us at 1-888-9-CABINA.
  2. Thank You Cards – Now we get into the post-event fun. We all know the importance of sending a Thank you Card to your guest to share your appreciation. We’ve found that hands down, personalized cards are the best, and what better way to thank them but to include some of your favorite booth photos? Simply log on to TinyPrints.com, design a card with your favorite booth photos and include a personal message. TinyPrints.com allows you to easily upload your photos from the Foto Cabina CD for fast and easy thank you cards that you can design yourself. Since all the images from the event CD are high-resolution, they’re perfect for print. Most card styles range from $1-$3/card, depending on how many you order with a minimum of 10. Not creative enough? Stay tuned to our blog for more photo editing tips to get extra creative! Visit them online at Tinyprints.com
  3. Slideshow – Long gone are the days where slideshows are only reserved for the family trip to the Grand Canyon. Now with all the digital tricks, music, and sound effects they have to offer, today’s slideshows are hip, cool, and classy. Did you forgo the wedding video? Not a problem – after you’re done creating your slideshow, you can burn your work of art to DVD! Not so surprising, you can upload it to Facebook for all your friends to see who weren’t able to attend. For a free and easy way to stay hip without the headache, check out Kizoa.com
  4. Photo Book – For events with professional photographers, you know that they can make some gorgeous photo books for your coffee table. Consider a photo album book for your candid shots as well! Gift them, show them off, or share them with your friends. Apple.com offers some high-end options for the more modern feel. Hardcover books start at $30 for 20 pages and goes down as low at $4 for a small softcover book three-pack, which could be fabulous for gifts. If free is more your budget, check out HotPrints where you can get a free photo book and only pay the $3 shipping cost.

Happy creating!