Thinking of having your wedding on a beach? Jessica and Victor Mejia tied the knot on April 7th at the beautiful Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point! If you haven’t checked out this location, you should. The view descending into the park is spectacular, there is plenty of spacious parking, kids love running around the gentle hilly slopes and the soft sand feels incredible on your feet. I could not imagine a more magical place to say “I Do.” Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when having your wedding on a beach.

1.     You’re dealing with Mother Nature when you have your wedding on a beach, so be prepared for rain or shine (even though having rain on your wedding is considered good luck, no one hopes for it).

2.     Have a backup plan! Say the weather does take a major turn for the worse, have a hotel nearby already in mind like the Ritz Carlton. One’s mind would be much more at ease knowing there is another alternative.

3.     Make sure to attain a permit if you need one. If you are planning for just a small group of family and friends with no intention for loud music or speakers, then typically a permit will not be necessary.

4.     Wedding insurance! Often times things don’t go as planned, so make sure you have insurance that covers the clothes, cake, flowers, rings and the food. It is very inexpensive but can save you BIG money.

5.     Check with your park board or special events manager to confirm that there are no other events planned for that day. Having your wedding the same day as a bunch on roudy kids would not be fun.

Weddings are certainly a lot of fun and a big milestone in someone’s life.Making that day as monumental as possible is crucial. So if you’re thinking about having your wedding on a beach I hope some of these tips give you a little peace of mind.


"Wedding on a Beach"

Wedding on a beach