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Frequently Asked Questions


What service comes standard all the time, no matter what package I book?

Every package, no matter how big or small, includes: friendly on-site attendants, unlimited use of the booth during the rental, a custom-designed side-banner that will appear on each print, fun props, photo-hosting in an online gallery, and free delivery within 40 miles of any of our locations.

What kind of props do you provide, if any?

Props are included for guests at every event and are neatly displayed next to the photo booth, unless you request otherwise. These hilarious props include hats, feathered boas, masks, and sunglasses. Themed props are also available for a nominal fee.

Does our rental include a booth attendant?

Yes. We provide one or two friendly and professional attendants that take care of delivery, set-up, and tear-down. Additionally, our attendants are committed to being present with the booth for the duration of your event, engaging with your guests, looking after the props, coordinating the guestbook, and making sure the photo booth experience is a memorable one for you and all your guests!

Can we see the pictures taken at our event online, after the event is over?

You certainly can! With every package, we offer online photo-hosting in a password-protected gallery through our website, And each photo that prints at your event will include your event’s specific, online gallery information! These pictures are posted online within days of your event. You and your guests are able to view all event pictures, order additional prints, as well as photo collectibles!

Do we pay extra depending on how many pictures are taken?

Absolutely not! You and your guests can hop in the booth and take as many pictures as you like within your rental time.

What if I decide to add an extra hour of rental time on the day of my event?

This should not be a problem, assuming we have no other scheduling conflicts. Simply inform one of our attendants as soon as you know you’d like to add an hour. He or she will make sure you’re clear on the additional cost, and we’ll simply follow up the next day.


Can I request special props depending on my event?

Definitely! We commonly are asked to provide props that fit the theme of our clients’ events (4th of July, Valentine’s Day, Disco Party, and so on). We charge a nominal fee to provide quality, themed props for your event.

Can you provide us with a CD of all the images?

Absolutely! This is one of our most popular options, and we’re happy to send you a CD of all the high-resolution images taken at your event within a few days!

Can you provide duplicate copies of each print if we request them?

Yes. If you opt for double prints, we can add that option to any package. Contact us for pricing!

Do you guys have a guestbook option?

We do! This is another of our most popular options, and it is usually coupled with the “double prints” option. An elegant leather album is provided that your guests can place their photos in, along with a personal note! Of course, with double prints, they still get to keep one copy.

Is there anything I need to provide if I opt for the photo guestbook?

We provide the leather album, extra album pages, pens, adhesive, and even scissors, should they be needed. We do ask that you provide us with a small table (and probably a table linen) for us to place your guestbook on! And you’re more than welcome to provide your own additions for the guestbook: special stickers, pens, etc.


Will Foto Cabina deliver to my location?

Foto Cabina will do any event in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. We offer FREE delivery within 40 miles of any of our locations: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City.

Does set-up and tear-down time cut into my rental time?

NO! We take care of set-up and tear-down independent of your rental time. We guarantee you get the full booth usage time that you’ve paid for, down to the minute!

How does set-up work?

We will set-up for you up to one hour before your rental time starts, at no charge. So, if you’ve booked us for booth usage starting at 6 PM, then we will have set-up complete as early as 5 PM at no charge to you. And we generally arrive at the location one full hour before you’ve requested set-up be completed, even though our set-up takes much less than an hour.

What if I need early set-up or want to split up my booth usage into two or more chunks of time?

Not a problem! No two events are exactly the same, so we’re here to cater to your specific requests. We can set-up as early as you’d like for a nominal hourly fee (after the first hour of downtime, which is on us). Also, our clients commonly request that we split their rental time into two or more chunks with a break in the middle. We are happy to oblige and simply charge the same nominal hourly fee, regardless of when that downtime comes.

How do I know set-up will not be problem at my venue?

As long as we have direct access to where you want the booth (through standard doors and entryway) and as long as your venue has adequate paths for our booth (sorry, no stairs), then set-up will be a breeze. Remember, we’ve been at this for a while, so chances are, we’ve been to your venue before! One thing to keep in mind: our booths are fairly large and will require a hard, flat surface to roll on and to rest on, even if the booth will be placed outside.

Do you have any suggestions on choosing an area for the booth?

We recommend that you position the photo booth as close to the action as possible. Our booths are a huge hit at every event we do, and the more accessible the booth is to you and your guests, the more fun you will all have with it!

Would I need to provide anything for you at my event?

Besides the relatively small space our booth requires, we ask that we have sole access to a nearby, standard electrical outlet. Also, should you book our popular photo guestbook option, we ask that you provide a small table for this purpose. But we provide everything else!


What are the dimensions of your booths?

We designed and built our booths from the ground up with events like yours in mind. Our booths come in two pieces, and put together, the entire booth is 60” long, 42” wide, and 74” tall. This design allows us to fit through any standard-sized door and into any standard-sized elevator. Our booth is ultra-portable, making delivery a snap, even on yachts!

Do all your booths look the same?

Yes. Foto Cabina booths are aesthetically pleasing for every kind of event. The exterior is sleek black, with elegant, red curtains and a padded bench on the interior. The classy look of our booth is unmistakable in the industry, and our clients consistently praise the great appearance of our booths as well as the high quality of our photos.

Besides the look, what makes your booth so much better than other photo booths?

It’s the widest booth in the industry, and we typically see photos of up to 10 people in the same shot; and our big 17-inch exterior screen offers something for all your guests to laugh at while photos are being taken! What’s more, our booth prints rich, professional-grade color (or black and white) photos in under 10 seconds! Bottom line, our booths’ appearance, equipment, and performance can’t be beat!


Do your photos always print in color?

Photos can be printed in color, black and white, or sepia tone. We will ask you prior to your event date what option you would like to choose.

Do you create a custom side-banner that will appear on the side of each of our prints?

Yes! We create a custom side-banner for every event we do. We allow you to customize the text, colors, and graphics so that your side-banner is unique to your event. And we are happy to incorporate a personal or company logo into these side banners. It’s part of our complete service offered at Foto Cabina!

How many pictures appear on each print and how are they arranged?

There are four pictures per print and those four pictures can be arranged in one of two ways: two pictures on top of another two in a 4×6 inch grid, or four pictures, one on top of another, in a classic 2×6 inch strip.


How far in advance do you recommend I book a photo booth for my event?

We most commonly are taking and securing reservations 6-9 months in advance. While it is possible to book an event with us just weeks before your event, we encourage you to contact us today to ensure we have a booth reserved for you and your event date!

What kind of deposit is required to reserve my date?

We ask for a 50% deposit at the time of booking, in order to reserve the date for your event.

When is the final payment due?

We don’t ask for final payment until just two weeks before the date of your event.

Can we provide proof of liability insurance?

Yes. We have a $1,000,000 insurance policy and can provide proof to any venue that requests it.

Is the deposit refundable?

Because of the costs related to securing the date for you, unfortunately all deposits are non-refundable.

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