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Hello Mr. Oscar

Hello Mr. Oscar

The Oscar’s are just around the corner…and the celebrities are coming out for Melanie Segal’s Oscar’s Gifting Lounge. The lounge was at the Pali House in West Hollywood. As it was Oscar weekend, many of the celebrities were staying at the beautiful boutique hotel, meeting for lunch in the cafe, or discussing business over some […]

Pictage Rocks Studio 54

Last night (till ~4a) Pictage threw an insane party at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand. I heard rumors of 700 people being in the house, but regardless of the count it was packed! Here’s a quick shot from the VIP balcony (where the photo booth was) of the dance-floor

Blu Domain @ Body English

Blu Domain threw an amazing party at Body English (Hard Rock) last night. DJ spinning, Wii on the balcony, Photo Booth (duh), RockBand in the side room, Astrology and Card Readers, airbrush tattoos, go go dancers, and open bar as usual.

The record is SHATTERED!!

Last night at Blu Domain’s party at WPPI the record for the most faces in a picture was destroyed. Previously the record was 10 but the Mammoth Men took the challenge and somehow got all TWELVE of them in a single picture! We’re not talking little kids or anything…we’re talking 12 full-grown MAMMOTH MEN 🙂 […]

WPPI – Go Bee and Photography Mentor

In spite of a little rain last night, Go Bee and Photography Mentor packed their high-roller suite at the Luxor and the photo booth rocked into the early hours of the morning.

WPPI here we come!

Once again Foto Cabina will be rocking the parties at WPPI!  If you’re going to be around…say hi, take your photo (probably a number of times), & have a blast! See you all soon. [B]ecker’s video by the Bui Brothersfrom last year is a pretty good glimpse of what goes on…

Grammys (day 2 & 3)

It has been fun seeing who comes in! There is a contest for the best Foto Cabina picture, so everyone has their “game face” on when they jump in the booth. There is a lot of thinking and conversing. Here are some of my favorites from the last two days!

Grammys (part one)

Well the Grammys are right around the corner, and as celebs gather they seem to love getting into the booth and showing off their skills. We’re printing doubles so each person can take one and leave one for us… Look who’s print just went into the bowl (hint: Heroes)

SuperBowl at the Playboy Mansion

Most people find themselves at a get together, or some sort of party on SuperBowl…regardless if you like football or not! Well, Foto Cabina was at the Playboy Mansion for the festivities. It was hosted by Brande Roderick and was supporting the California Police Youth Charities. Here are some familier faces that stopped by…

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